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Departed but not Forgotten Masterlist

Title: Departed but not Forgotten
Characters: Tammy Wilcox (original female character), Claire Bennet, Sylar
Warnings: Maternal grief
Words: 3,200 in three chapters
Summary: Tammy Wilcox, mother of Jackie, continues to mourn her daughter.

Chapter One, Dearly Departed:
Chapter Two, New Target:
Chapter Three, Angels Among Us:
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Unidentified Flying Intruders

Title: Unidentified Flying Intruders
Lyle Bennet, Nathan Petrelli
Word count:
Season 3, missing scene at the end of Shades of Gray
Lyle confronts an unexpected intruder in his back yard and grapples with the complexities involved in protecting his family.
Written for amles80, who wanted Lyle together with a Petrelli and made fluffy. I don’t think I succeeded on the fluff, but I might try again. This is my contest entry for heroes_contest "Choose a side", oneshot challenge #34.

(Mods, no tags are available for Lyle/Nathan at the time of posting. My apologies for not tagging.)

new comm

If you are familiar with other bottom comms like bottom_dean, bottom_cas, and the like, please check out bottom_sylar. Feel free to repost your fanfics and fanart featuring bottom!Sylar of any pairing. There is even an anon prompt meme on the comm. I made the comm simply because there wasn't one and I wanted to read fics about the topic. :)